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Miss Tau'olunga contestants present Tonga's traditional dances

YOUNG Tongan dancers performed for the Miss Tau'olunga Junior, Miss Tau'olunga Pre-Teen and Group dancing competitions on the Heilala Village stage on July 20 presenting some of Tonga's beautiful traditional dances in downtown Nuku'alofa.

The two youngest dancers aged 5-8 years, wearing eye-catching traditional costumes, performed for the Miss Tau'olunga Junior title which was won by Linda Naufahu of Haveluliku who was awarded a $500 cash prize and two return tickets to Auckland.

Four girls between 9-12 years old performed in the Miss Tau'olunga Pre Teen competition won by Sela Kava Kioa with a cash prize of $500 pa'anga and two return tickets to Auckland.

Three dancing troupes, the Ocean Star from Lapaha, Fola'osi from Kanokupolu, and Halatukutonga from 'Anana performed for the Group Dancing competitions.

Three young men took to the stage for the Mr Tulafale title and Volivoli Falemaka won a cash prize of $50 pa'anga.

Group performance

In the group dancing competitions, the Mako, Tau'olunga Tokolahi and Faiva Tuifio, the Ocean Star dancing troupe from Lapaha, gave an exceptional performance winning all three categories, and taking home a $1,000 cash prize. 

Tonga's new Miss Heilala is an interpreter at the Crown Law office. Mafi was the winner of the Sarong competition and was highly placed in the other categories giving her the lead.

The first runner up was Miss Tonga Tourism USA, Nyoka Lavulo and the second runner up was Miss Tonga Visitors Bureau, Mele'ana Taulahi. 

The third runner up was Miss Tonga New Zealand, Kafo'atu Tulimaiau and the fourth runner up was Miss Black Pearl Suites, Saloloma Takitaki.

All took home cash prizes and each received return tickets for two to Auckland, compliments of the Pacific Blue Airline.


On Friday evening the 10 contestants in beautiful gowns were accompanied by escorts onto the stage for a waltz, while guests who were also dressed for a grand ball, watched from the floor. 

The contestants were judged on their Stage Interview, the final judging event of the pageant. The night was also livened up with entertainment by Joey Mataele, Angela Afeaki and little Freddy Pome'e.

The announcement of winners by MC Harvalene Sekona was made after midnight and the hundreds of spectators on from Taufa'ahau Road, remained for that moment.

A show of colourful contemporary island creations and beachwear modelled by the 10 Miss Heilala contestants on Thursday evening, was their last appearance before tonight's final judging events for the Miss Heilala 2010-11 crowning.

Last night, July 22, contestants were judged on three categories: the colourful sarong swimwear, contemporary island creation and talent competition.

Attracting many spectators, the night began with the contestants in their colourful sarong swimwear followed by the creative contemporary island creation costumes, and talent competition. 

The top five contestants in each category were announced. Overseas contestants are doing well, along with a local girl Miss Loumaile Lodge, Mafi Tu'inukuafe (18) who has been placed in the top five of the five judging events ranging from the first pre-pageant interview, the tau'olunga competition, sarong, contemporary island creation and talent competition. 

The top five in random order from Thursday night's competition were: 

Category Winners

Miss Tau'olunga 
Winner - Miss TVB 
1st runner up - Miss Tonga Tourism USA
2nd runner up - Miss Lelei Finance 
3rd runner up - Miss Black Pearl Suites
4th runner Loumaile Lodge 
Miss Best Tau'olunga Best Costume - tie between Miss Steak and Rock and Miss TVB

Winner - Miss Loumaile Lodge
1st runner up- Miss Tonga Tourism USA
2nd runner up - Miss Lady Maria Tonga Australia
3rd runner up - Miss Steak and Rock 
4th runner up- Miss TVB

Winner - Miss Tonga Tourism USA
1st runner up - Miss Loumaile 
2nd runner up - Miss TVB
3rd runner - Miss Tonga New Zealand 
4th runner up - Miss Black Pearl Suites

Contemporary Island Creation
Winner - Miss Steak and Rock 
1st runner up - Miss Loumaile Lodge
2nd runner up - Miss Tonga New Zealand 
3rd runner up - Miss Tonga Tourism USA 
4th runner up - Miss Lady Maria Tonga Australia 

Stage Interview 
Winner - Miss Tonga Visitors Bureau
1st runner up - Miss Loumaile Lodge
2nd runner up - Miss Tonga Tonga Tourism USA
3rd runner up - Miss Gano Excel Ltd 
4th runner up - Miss Tonga NZ/ Havelu Bulldog 

Miss Heilala Tau'olunga announced tonight

FIVE Miss Heilala contestants were named as the best Tau'olunga dancers after their performances on Wednesday night at the Heilala Village and the winner will be announced on the final night of the Miss Heilala Pageant tonight, July 23. 

The top five places announced in random order were: Miss Black Pearl Suites, Saloloma Takitaki; Miss Loumaile Lodge, Mafi Tu'inukuafe; Miss Tonga Visitors Bureau, Mele'ana Taulahi; Miss Lelei Finance NZ, Adeline Latu; and Miss Tonga Tourism USA, Nyoka Lavulo.


The Best Costume for the Miss Heilala Tau'olunga was a tie between Miss Tonga Visitors Bureau and Miss Steak and Rock.

Tonight the Miss Heilala Tau'olunga winner will receive two return tickets to Auckland on Pacific Blue Airline and a cash prize to be announced. 

Contestants came out dressed in beautiful unique costumes and each of them performed well to the crowd of hundreds.

Miss Havelu Bulldog, the last contestant for the night was non-traditional and, gave a hilarious performance that started with a tau'olunga then ended up with a hip hop dance, accompanied by the youngest entertainer at the festival, Freddy Pome'e from the United States. 


The Miss Heilala Elegance Night consisting of the last three judging events, the sarong, talent and contemporary island creation were held last night.The Miss Heilala 2010-11 will be crowned tonight, July 23 at a Heilala 30th Anniversary Grand Ball. 

Ten Tongan beauties are competing for the Miss Heilala Crown this year. 


Miss Heilala orientation begins festivities (2010)

TEN Tongan beauties took part in the 2010 Miss Heilala Pre-Pageant Interview on the morning of Monday, July 19, the first judging event. 

The latest and tenth contestant to join the pageant was Miss Havelu Bulldog, Penelope Moeakiola.

During the interview held at the new Fifita House, the girls were each asked five similar questions, based on Tonga's history, culture, tourism and the Heilala Festival 
judges: Linda Ma'u, Rosamond Bing, Lano Fonua, Erling Ve'etutu and Tapu Panuve. 

The judging events for the Miss Heilala Pageant begin next week from July 19-23 at the Heilala Village in downtown Nuku'alofa.


On Friday evening, July 16 the Heilala Festival Block Party will be held on Taufa'ahau Road, followed by Talent quest on July 17 at the Heilala Village.

A Heilala Festival Choral evening sponsored by Western Union/Fexco Tonga Ltd. will be held on Sunday, July 18 at Pangai Lahi.