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Highlight of the Heilala Festival

The Miss Heilala Pageant will be a major focus and highlight of the Heilala festival (organised by the Heilala Festival organizing committee on behalf of the Tonga Tourist Association and Tonga Visitors Bureau) and is open to eligible contestants from Tonga and Tongan communities overseas who meet the criteria outlined below:


•  Judging events

The judging events are as follows:

•  Presentation & Interview Category

•  Traditional Tau'olunga Category

•  Sarong Swimwear Category

•  Talent Quest Category

•  Island Creation Category

•  Stage Interview for five finalists


Other events

The contestants are obliged to attend a number of other events during the Festival as advised by Heilala Festival organizing committee. These include the Orientation Week prior to the week of the Festival, for which all contestants must be in Tonga .


Principal Task

The principal task of the winner of the Miss Heilala title is to act as a roving ambassador for Tonga 's tourism industry, joining delegations to overseas trade shows and promotions. She will also participate in the promotional activities of the Festival's major sponsors. She may also be required to represent Tonga at other international pageants.


Conditions of Entry and Application form

•  The Miss Heilala Title

The winner of the Miss Heilala title will be a young lady of good character and attractive personality, who possesses charm, poise and beauty of face and figure. She should also be capable and fit to represent the Kingdom and people of Tonga as an ambassador for Tonga 's tourist promotion industry.

•  Rules of Eligibility

All candidates must comply with the following rules of eligibility, on which the decision of the Heilala Festival Committee is final. To be accepted as candidates all applicants must:

•  be Tongan or part Tonga , with an understanding of Tongan culture and customs, as well as some familiarity with         

    life and customs beyond these shores;

•  be able to converse in and understand both Tongan and English;

•  be between the ages of 18 and 26 as of July 1 st in the year of entry;

•  be single, not previously married and not have given birth to a child;

•  be of a background and character which, in the opinion of the TTA, is not likely to bring either the Miss Heilala    

    title or the Kingdom of Tonga into disrepute;

•  not have previously won any similar national contest;

•  have completed the official application procedure and submitted the registration form to the Heilala Festival    


•  be willing to act under the direction of the festival organizers during the celebrations, and be available as desired    

    for publicity purposes during that time;

•  be accompanied by a chaperone as required by the Pageant Committee at events comprising the program for the Miss    

    Heilala contest;

•  have submitted completed application forms to the Heilala Festival Committee/TVB not later than ******** ;

•  must arrive in Tonga no later than *******

•  Duties of the Miss Heilala Title holder

All applicants should be aware of the following duties which the winner of the Miss Heilala title will be expected to perform. By making this application the applicant hereby agrees to make herself available during the ensuing 12 months to perform such duties at all reasonable times as required by the Tonga Tourist Association (TTA) should she win the title:

•  Subject to Tonga Government approval, and the availability of sponsorship, the title winner may be required to represent Tonga in any international beauty contest under the title "Miss Tonga ". Such contests may include Miss World, Miss Universe or Miss South Pacific.

•  The winner of the Miss Heilala contest may also be required to participate in a number of overseas tourist promotion visits, representing either Tonga or the TTA.

•  The winner of the Miss Heilala contest will also be required to be available to participate in advertising and other promotional activities carried out by the major sponsor(s) of the Heilala Festival. All requests by sponsors for such activities will be passed through the Heilala Festival committee, which will act as a liaison point, and will ensure that requests from the sponsor(s) do not place unreasonable demands on the titleholder.

•  In the case of the titleholder being required to undertake the activities set out in paragraphs c (i) - c(iii) above, the costs of all fares and accommodation for the contestant and her chaperone would be met and other financial assistance would be provided as appropriate.